Is Gift Marketing A Proven Strategy?

Is Gift Marketing A Proven Strategy?

Thursday 27th October 2022

In today's rocky market, it can be really difficult to find a strategy that tempts those looking to save every penny to purchase from even the most well-established company. While you might think that everyone loves a freebie, is gift marketing right for your business? And does it really bring results? The answer is yes, but only if you carefully consider your strategy in order to get the right gift in front of the right customer.

Here, we look at some ways in which you could make gift marketing work for you.

What should a gift be?

Firstly, let's be blunt, there are some really awful promotional gifts on the market these days. Making the selection of what's right for your campaign means considering the following:

● It should represent value to a prospect
● It should require no commitment
● It doesn't need to be expensive

Frankly, these days, free tacky branded gifts are not the answer

It's what you give, not how much

In more detail, it's important to note that for gift marketing to work, the gift must be something your target market would appreciate and be enticed by.

For instance, if you target high-end consumers, a £5 budget supermarket voucher will likely not get the job done. Conversely, if you target the wider population and lower-income markets, a high-end low-value coupon will probably put them off.

No commitment necessary

Your gift should come without needing to make an expensive purchase or commit to your service. You are more likely to attract a response if you give away a £10 bottle of wine rather than offer 10% off of a £20,000 purchase. Why? Because people will think of how much it could cost to get the gift rather than the gift itself.

Expenses can be spared

There is undoubtedly a fine line to tread. Getting the value and type of gift right is essential. Here at Sheffield Leaflet Delivery can help you thrash out what could work best for your target market. We can help with the leaflet design, and, having worked in this business for many years, we have a history in leaflet distribution and mail drops. Plus, we have a track record in assisting clients to achieve high response rates. If you need assistance, then our experience can be invaluable.

To brand or not to brand

Audiences have moved beyond being impressed with a branded notepad or pen. They want something more. An item you can personalise, relevant to your business and valuable for the customer could become a practical gift. But an unrelated gift can be just as good. Try an Amazon voucher, an M&S food voucher or a bottle of wine. Even if your customers don't drink, they could use it as a gift!

Tracking Response and tweaking your strategy to fit

Finally, It's not enough to make that first gift drop and then expect clients to come to you. Leaflet distribution and gift mail drops are relevant and effective marketing strategies. However, they usually work best as part of a combined strategy which includes plenty of analysis into what's working and what you can do to improve your ROI. And remember, responses should be measured not just by the percentage of people who act, but by the value each response brings to your business.

If you're looking to reap the benefits that gift marketing can bring, why not get in touch? We could help you plan a campaign that really gets your target market talking.

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