Hand 2 Hand

Hand to Hand leaflet distribution and brand promotion

Regularly communicating with your customers can help facilitate brand loyalty as well as attracting new leads.

If you run a small business or work for a large firm, it is important to interact directly with your customers, as this creates a strong sense of engagement and leaves a very lasting impression.
Getting your message out to potential customers is probably one of the most important tasks for your business and because of this, we offer one of the best marketing methods for targeting customers in Cardiff, Plymouth, London and the rest of the UK.

Leading leaflet distribution service in Sheffield

With our trusted and reliable hand to hand leaflet distribution service, we can deliver leaflets, flyers, menus, brochures, and more to all S postcode areas.

Our highly motivated distribution team will hand out promotional materials to people outside of your business or you can select an alternative location with high footfall, such as a UK shopping centre, railway station, high street, sporting, and music event, or a local bar.

Our friendly staff will say your business slogan or a statement of your choice when handing out your marketing materials and they are willing to wear branded clothing if required.

Whatever you need our promotional staff for, we can guarantee great service with a smile on their face.

Why hand to hand leaflet distribution?

By choosing to deliver your leaflets by hand, you can ensure you reach desired customers without wasting leaflets on people who are outside of your target market. This will save you money and increase the possibility of conversions.

You might also decide to combine hand to hand distribution with door to door leaflet delivery as this promotional activity includes GPS tracking as standard.

Hand 2 Hand
Hand 2 Hand
Hand 2 Hand