How To Plan For A Door-To-Door Leaflet Drop

How To Plan For A Door-To-Door Leaflet Drop

Monday 27th March 2023

If you want to carry out a door-to-door leaflet campaign, it's only worth the investment if it's planned and executed properly. Door-drop marketing campaigns are a highly successful way to reach directly into the homes of your target audience. As a leading design, print and leaflet distribution group, we can handle any aspect of leaflet creation you struggle with.

Planning a successful door-to-door leaflet drop means starting in plenty of time. Ideally, you should start at least a couple of months in advance, especially where you require help from your chosen distributor with design and printing. We would always recommend you speak with your leaflet delivery service to discuss a suitable time plan and ensure they can accommodate your needs in the best timeframe for your campaign.

Our wide-reaching franchise network offers the same excellent service across the country. Each of our franchisees brings their community knowledge to help promote events, services and products for local businesses and communities.

Key dates that should inform planning
● When is the event, opening or offer? - The longer notice you can give your leaflet delivery service, the better you will ensure you don't miss the ideal window to reach out. You will have time to maximise the design and target area to fit your chosen delivery plan.
● Design and printing - We can help you create an eye-catching design with our software that helps identify the key areas to put your CTA so that it gets you noticed. The design and printing process may take a month or two, so allowing plenty of time will ensure you are up and ready to go at the right time.
● Booking the optimum delivery timeframes - As you would expect, you will have to book ahead of time to secure your leaflet delivery drop schedules. The more leaflets to drop, the longer it will take. Timeframes also depend on the extent of the area to be covered. Deliveries can take from as little as a week up to a couple of months for the most extensive door-drop campaigns. So plan and chat with your leaflet delivery partner in plenty of time.

More Than One Drop?
You may also want to discuss multi-leaflet campaigns and understand how many other leaflets your drop could be included with. You don't want all your hard work lost in a huge pile of leaflets dropped simultaneously, so check your provider's service levels carefully. You should also consider leaflet drops to be part of a consistent campaign, perhaps a few times a year, to grow your audience's interest and help build trust in your brand.

Statistics show that door-drop marketing is a cost-effective and reliable way of creating an ongoing pipeline of enquiries and sales, with as many as 67% of people being prompted to purchase a door-drop delivery. Use your marketing door-drop leaflet to draw attention to your website, social media, shop or event and highlight your latest products or offers. Targeted audience identification (such as homes over a given value) or general area drops (yes, our software can help us target the best locations for campaign success in many cases!) can really help. Plus, a great call to action, including a QR code, is a great way to encourage interaction.

People are curious by nature, so make the most of dropping a leaflet on their doormat to get their attention and boost your business. If you'd like our help, we'd be happy to help you plan your next, and perhaps most successful campaign.

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