What To Do After A Leaflet Drop Campaign

What To Do After A Leaflet Drop Campaign

Tuesday 18th April 2023

Now your latest round of leaflet drops is completed, you can relax, right? Just wait until you start to reap the rewards of your campaign? Well, actually, no. Once your drop has been made, your work behind the scenes begins. It's time to look at the results you are achieving and learn and prepare for your next campaign. Here, we explain the importance of doing this groundwork, to make sure each campaign is more successful than the one that preceded it.

How to begin
Start by gathering data. See how the clear call to action we encourage you to include in any leaflet drop or direct mail campaign worked. Our tracking on delivery for leaflet drops will show you where and when your leaflets were distributed so that you can monitor related traffic to your website, social media, by phone or by QR code..

Remember, the effects may be ongoing. You should likely see an initial surge and then a slowing over time. However, the benefits of a leaflet drop campaign are that they are sometimes tucked away in a drawer and the real benefit comes when they are kept for later use, which is why leaflet drops show both short and long-term gain.

What to do with the data
Once you have your data, organise it and analyse it. Look for trends and patterns in the data that you can use to improve future campaigns. Timing plays a crucial role in results. It could be that a change of timing may work better. Perhaps you were a little too early or late in getting your message for a particular seasonal offer or gave your audience too much or too little time. Understanding how people plan purchases will help you better time your leaflet mailing campaign.

You will see that no matter how well you have planned your campaign, there is always something to learn and something that could be changed. Trends and buying habits change, especially in times of greater economic hardship, so adapt your marketing strategies to support your customers. It's also good to try out new ideas over time and compare results. What works once may not always work.

Now is also the time to take care of your media plan, outline other prospective audiences, and plan timescales with your leaflet drop distributors to ensure they can accommodate your needs in plenty of time.

Planning your next campaign
Did your last campaign work as it should have, or is it time for a new one?

Consistency and regular door drops are vital in building sustained audience interest. You want the audience to have time to react but not time to forget you! We recommend monthly or at least quarterly as a minimum.

Our regular leaflet clients achieve a higher ROI than those choosing just one-off or ad-hoc drops, and to support this, we offer a discount on our standard distribution rates for such customers.

Here at Sheffield Leaflet Delivery, we work with companies to identify audience demographics and target their leaflet campaigns to reach them. Each company's needs are individual, and our team work to help you deliver your campaign most effectively.

Whether you need help printing and distributing your leaflets or are looking for a complete marketing package, where we work with you to design and target your leaflets better, our highly experienced team is here to help.